Hello  All
   I am looking forward to seeing you all again.  There is only a few spaces left for this term.  Please let me know if you are wanting to come.  We will be continuing with our theme The 12 Gifts of Birth.  I am really excited that we are doing this and am looking forward to the culmination of our Gallery of Creative Expression which will be shared with our invited guest of family and friends. This is a great night of celebration and honouring our own unique creative expresions of
strength, beauty, hope, compassion, joy,love, reverence, wisdom, talent, courage, faith and imagination

Importantly if you have participated in the 12 gifts of birth at any stage you are invited to participate in the Gallery of Creative Expression….all of your wonderful canvases are so beautiful and I would love to have them in the Gallery for this special night.  The date has yet to be set.  It will be after the Easter holidays and possible towards the end of Term 2.  AND this also means that there is plenty of time for those of you who have not been able to come yet and to participate and to be part of the Gallery of Creative Expression  (GoCE)…..

As always NO ARTISTIC experience is needed.  So many people come and say to me that they are not creative and yet when they come along and participate on Thursday evenings…..they produce some absolutely divine and precious expressions…..should I mention a few names here…..well perhaps not….

So we begin THURSDAY 2nd FEBRUARY….@ 6.30pm to 8.30pm at 9 Hubert Street Woolloongabba…..

This week….

The  6th gift is  JOY

May it keep your heart open
And filled with light.