‘Inscape Expressions’

Inscape Expressions is a program that may benefit  those living with anxietydepression,  the impact of trauma * or chronic mental llness*
Inscape refers to our interior world, our felt sense and uses the process of Guided Drawing to bring awareness to and express  aspects of our body’s wisdom for building internal resources and healing.  Guided Drawing is an arts therapy process that combines the  principles of sensorimotor (body) therapy with Jungian analysis, transpersonal psychology and arts therapy.  
Inscape Expression is a small group of no more than 8 participants ensuring that personalised attention can be given to each participant.  Capping the number of participant in each group enables this program to be  facilitated and titrated to the individual needs of participants
This program  Commences every 5 weeks during 2012 
July 11th –Aug 9th   /    Aug 16th,  – Sept 12th  /   Oct 10th-Nov 7th 
In these experiential workshops you will learn  to connect with your felt sense and use this as a resource to manage triggers or internal states that otherwise intrude on your life.  Repeated drawing movements enable new patterns of energy to emerge.  These workshops do not result in art  rather are lyrical expressions of your inscape.
Here is what happens each week….
Meeting at 9.30 for a cuppa we will commence the workshop at 9.45am. Morning tea is provided each week.  We will be finished by 12.30 hours.  
Wk 1Unique to you:  Your Inscape:   Animal symbols and pastel drawings
Wk 2:  ABC’s of Guided Drawing :  A few things I want to share  to kick start your experience       with Guided Drawing.  We will begin guided drawing.  
Wk 3:  Guided Drawing: Pastels:  Guided drawing using chalk pastels or Crayons
Wk 4:  Guided Drawing: Acrylic Paints:  The addition of  paints to the process adds another dimension.
Wk 5: What do I now Know?  What do you want to do with what you know?  Free choice of pastels, crayons or paints in the guided drawing process. 










9.30 am-12.30pm

Where: 9 Hubert Street Woolloongabba.

Heartspace Artspace & Counselling is easily reached by public transport.  Hubert Street is directly opposite the Wooloongabba Bus station on Stanley street.

Car parking is 4 hour street parking on Hubert Street.  


$300 full/ $250 Conc. per five week program.  That is $50 dollars for 3 hour workshop each week.  

All materials & morning tea provided

Registration Essential: Contact Liz 

phone:  0438163255