Institute of Sensorimotor Art Therapy

Art Therapy Training 

The Initiatic Art Therapy Training Program comprises a series of 8 weekends for a limited number of interested professionals and students over the period of two years.  The aim of the course is to enable its participants to integrate art therapy approaches into the existing framework of their current practice, be it as counsellor, social worker, teacher, nurse, artist or psychologist……

The focus will be on the experience of ongoing group work with art therapy in an environment suitable for personal development.  At the same time the approaches and techniques will be made transparent in order to make it possible to acquire profound techniques of working with visual arts in a therapeutic way.  The 144 group hours will include experiential workshops, seminars, co-counselling and supervision.

The name “initiatic” is derived from the term initiation.  Initiatic art therapy has the potential to intitiate an inner process that unfolds like a mystical journey leading towards healing and meaning”

Certificate in Clay Field Therapy ®

The Clay Field ® is a flat rectangular wooden box that holds 10 –15 kg of clay. A bowl of water is supplied. This simple setting offers a symbolic “world” for the hands to explore. There will be no art work to be taken home. The hands enter the Clay Field and move in it; in their ability or inability to “handle” the material they tell the client’s life story. The hands then can be encouraged to find ways to deal with situations and events, to complete actions that previously could not be coped with.

This unique art therapy approach is recognized in Europe as a discipline in its own right. It is practiced by over 500 Clay Field Therapists in numerous institutions. It is part of the curriculum in schools for disabled and disadvantaged children; it is widely used in women’s shelters and to facilitate trauma healing.

Art Therapy Workshop Dates

Maleny, QLD 2017 – 2018

Module 5:  February 2nd-4th 2018
Module 6: April 27th-29th 2018
Module 7: June 22nd-23rd 2018
Module 8: October 12th-14th 2018

Maleny, QLD  2018 – 2019 Group

Module 1: March 2nd-4th 2018
Module 2: June 1st-3rd 2018
Module 3: July 20th – 22nd 2018
Module 4: November 2nd- 4th 2018

Module 5:  Feb 15th-17th 2019
Module 6:  May 17th-19th 2019
Module 7: Aug 30th-Sept 1st 2019
Module 8: Nov 22nd-24th 2019

Maleny, QLD  2019 – 2020 Group (new intake)

Module 1:  Feb 1st-3rd 2019
Module 2: May 3rd-5th 2019
Module 3: Aug 16th-18th 2019
Module 4: Nov 29th- Dec 1st 2019

Dates for 2020 to be advised

Cairns, QLD 2017 – 2018

Module 1 February 24th – 26th 2017
Module 2: May 26th – 28th 2017
Module 3: August 25th – 27th 2017
Module 4: October 27th – 29th 2017

Module 5: February 9th-11th 2018
Module 6: May 4th-6th 2018
Module 7: August 31st-Sept 1st 2018
Module 8: Nov 30th-Dec 2nd 2018

Cairns, QLD 2019 – 2020

Module 1: March 15th-17th 2019
Module 2: June 14th-16th 2019
Module 3: Sept 27th-29th 2019
Module 4: Dec 6th- 8th 2019

Dates for 2020 to be advised

Canberra, ACT  2018 – 2020

Module 1: May 18th-20th 2018
Module 2: September 28th-30th 2018

Module 3: February 8th-10th 2019
Module 4: April 26th-28th 2019
Module 5: August 23rd-25th 2019
Module 6: Nov 8th-10th 2019

Dates for 2020 to be advised

Whitsundays Training 2019-2018

Module 1: February 22nd – 24th 2019
Module 2: June 21st – 23rd 2019
Module 3: September 13th – 15th  2019
Module 4: November 1st – 3rd 2019

Dates for 2020 to be advised

 Clayfield Workshop Dates

Maleny  QLD  2017

  • Module 1:  August 11th – 13th 2017
  • Module 2: November 24th – 26th 2017
  • Module 3:  22nd -24th March 2019
  • Module 4:  24th-26th  May 2019

Maleny QLD 2019

Introductory Modules * pre-requistes apply please contact Liz for information.

Monday 21st January to Thursday 24th January

  • Module 1:  May 31st- 2nd June 2019
  • Module 2:  Sept 20th-22nd 2019
  • Module 3:  Dec 13th -15th 2019

MASTERCLASS with Heinz Deuser

Visonary founder and creator of Clay Field Therapy

Maleny March 1st-3rd 2019

Professor Deuser is coming to Maleny in March 2019 to conduct a masterclass with Clay Field Therapists.

This is a once in a life time opportunity for those who have completed the introductory levels , the certificate level and the diploma level of Clay Field training to learn from Professor Deuser.

Applications for all Clay field trainigs need to be made at

Apollo Bay, VIC  2017

For information on workshops in Apollo Bay go to